Peter Heimsoth

Voice Ages
Young Adult
Middle Age

Delivery Methods
Real Person


Vocal Characteristics
Announcer-type, Authoritative, Encouraging, Likeable, Lovable, Resonant, Sincere, Soothing, Versatile

While my use of my voice has mainly been on the stage in community theater productions, I am also a member of the Those Were The Days Radio Players, a group who recreates old-time radio shows for various audiences. In that group, I have played Superman, the Lone Ranger, the Shadow, Digby O'Dell (the Friendly Undertaker), and dozens of other characters, as well as real-life radio comedian Fred Allen. In the professional field, I have read for CRIS Radio in Chicago, presenting newspaper articles and books for the blind, I have been the announcer for two AT&T cable television commercials, and while studying at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting, I interned at WRMN/WJKL in Elgin, where I produced more than one hundred radio spots.

I have also done many Internet audio dramas and comedies for groups such as Dream Realm Enterprises/The 4077th (I starred in The Pit and the Pendulum and played multiple roles in their series The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes) and Darker Projects (including two Doctor Who-related dramas; I was the First Doctor and Rassilon in parts two and three of The Infinity Doctors and Jamie McCrimmon in Winter of the Doctor). I also played a Jack-in-the-Box in Dorothy's Christmas Tree for The Royal Podcast of Oz, for whom I reprised my dream role of the Cowardly Lion (I played him on stage in 2004) in The Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger.

Some while back, the 4077th produced five adventures of a daring sci-fi hero, Rip Jarvis of the Space Cadets. Recently they started the series up again with Episode Six and assembled most of the original cast, except for the lead actor. I was asked if I'd like to do it, and having read the scripts they sent, I eagerly agreed. it was fun to do, and it looks like going on for a while. The show is a spoof of science fiction radio shows, with hero Rip and his robot sidekick getting into scrape after scrape and escaping in true (if weird) cliffhanger style.

As always, I hope this report finds you well!

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