Lorenzo LaMantia

Voice Ages
Middle Age


Real Person

Audio Software
Delivery Methods
Pro Tools

Vocal Characteristics
Captivating, compelling, warm, soothing, friendly, inviting, sexy, serious, natural, relaxed, believable, and trustworthy. Easy to ID (recognizable from one VO to another)

I am a fun and relaxed artist to work with and my goal is to make the job of the producer as easy as possible. I have a great voice for doing intense, informative, commanding, sarcastic or even funny scripts. For most of my life I have been in sales and have learned the importance of my voice and the emotions it can elicit. For six years I have worked on stage as a Master of Ceremonies at seminars with two thousand person audiences. I kept the show electric and fun, and the audience wanting more. I bring that same vitality to my VO work. Through my training at the Voices For All, “Voiceover Master Class”, and with constant practice, I have learned my way around the microphone, and I am at home in a recording studio. I am someone who knows how to take the direction of a producer while at the same time; I'm ready to bring my special brand of freshness to your project. I can work in your studio or on my own in my Pro Tools based home studio. I can provide you with very good quality (MP3, WAV, AIFF) recordings as dry unprocessed tracks. I encourage you to check out my demo. If you are looking for someone who doesn’t sound like everyone else please contact me. I am ready to get the job done for you, painlessly and effectively. Please note: My sales background and my very varied experiences in life enable me to wrap my tongue around many subjects with the voice of knowledge and experience. I Am a Voice123.com Voiceover

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