Laurie Hoesly

Voice Ages
Young Adult
Middle Age


Real Person

Audio Software
Delivery Methods
Pro Tools

Vocal Characteristics
Enthusiastic, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Likeable, Mom, Professional, Relatable, Sensible, Sophisticated, Trustworthy

"You have a nice voice" and "You speak so clearly" are two comments I've often heard from people while speaking with them on the phone. Mind you, these are people I don't even know!  I always enjoy the compliments. Engaging, warm and confident are attributes of my voice personality as well.

Your VoiceOver projects are created here, in my home studio, which is equipped with ProTools. You may request either a dry voice or a fully produced recording. The file delivery options are: AIFF, WAV, MP3 or Overnight CD.  Every VoiceOver project is different - thank goodness, how boring would it be if they were all the same??  I love the variety!   This allows my creative side to come out and play, to be....the voice of someone other than myself.  

My VoiceOver experiences include: A Documentary Narration (which has not yet been released),  On-Hold Phone Messages, a variety of Public Service Announcements - some are international, Cheer Squad and Theatre Announcements, Several DJ Drops, a Character Voice on a YouTube Video, CUNA eLearning programs, and I discovered the 'elf' voice within while creating a 'liner' for a radio station. My most recent work is with a local radio station, where I am on the Promos team. We write, voice, edit and fully produce on-air ready Promos for their advertisers. I also host "The Morning Show" Monday through Friday, on, where I have creative license. I love this show! The radio station gigs have improved my vocal technique and my voice has become stronger. 

I believe the best way of doing business is with integrity and open communication. This will generate a mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship.  I invite you to contact me with details of your VoiceOver projects, and with that, I can provide you a fair and accurate quote. I will do my best to exceed your expectations. I sincerely look forward to working with you. Check out my new Website

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